World Cup 2014 – Brazil

Today is a historical day in my country, after 64 years another world cup will began here.

After literally Billions of money invested to promote this game, money that could be invested in infrastructure of this country, in things that we really need, the games will start today, let the best win!


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Sorry my Absence

I want to say sorry to all community for my late absence in my forum and in the community in general!

My life has change a lot, i have moved to a new city with a new job, and for a time all i has was a sofa bed, a microwave, a Compact Refrigerators, and my 3G cell phone.

Now that i´m back i will try to recover the glory of this community with my Iron Hand!


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Lets Welcome one of our own to the PDT

Congrats Medico. Valentine, we are sorry to see you go.

Changes to the PDT

I am going to echo what has already been posted and add that I think he will do a great job on design. And hey, more Tsuruchi love cant hurt :)

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Mantis Love from the Strange Assembly Team

Fred Wan was kind enough to post on his facebook page a link to the podcast where he talks to Strange Assembly about us :) So everyone take a listen.

Mantis Fan Service

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Clan Forum Contest

The community of players that has developed around the Legend of the Five Rings CCG is incredible. They are passionate, devoted, charitable, and all around great people. Much of the community interacts via online forums that are operated and maintained by volunteers. The largest of these forums are devoted to the Great Clans of the L5R universe. As we enter the holiday season, we at AEG wanted to give back to the fans in our Community and reach out to them through the Clan Forums, hopefully engaging some new players in the process. To do this, we have developed a contest.

We recently uncovered a set of Clan Banners, dating back to the early days of L5R. These banners are top quality and were used at trade shows and major events. Now, we’re giving them away to the players via the forums! All you need to do is tell us, in 1000 words or less, what Clan you choose to play and why.

To enter, you’ll need to go to the forum for the Clan you wrote about and post it in the contest thread. You may enter starting on November 15, 2013, continuing to December 14, 2013. Then, on December 15, 2013, the administrators and judges of the forum hosting that thread will judge the entries and pick one, who will receive the Clan banner. Pretty easy, right?

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Aftermath Mantis Previews

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A Post Ban Analysis from our own Chris Medico

Take a look guys and gals. Looks like there is hope despite losing KL. Read Medico’s analysis Here

Talk about ideas or comments about the decklist suggestion here

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More Bannings

Check out the list

On the one hand some of this was necessary. On the other is it too little too late to salvage EE. Your thoughts? Post them Here

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As Im sure you all have seen, AEG has been making a lot of changes lately. This is a very bittersweet one. Briscoe, on behalf of the Mantis clan, we wish you well. Dineen, on behalf of us here at Kyuden Mantis, welcome.

For those who havent seen it read the story Here

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Coming Back

After a Month out of my house, without internet and computer, due a reform of my apartment, i´m back to begin the change fo the site and continue to improve the Mantis community, I want to thank you Dan Dinnen, Kerisate and my fellow mates here, to run the site well. Sorry for not tell you about my absence, but was a emergency reform here!

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